Identity, Immigration & Democracy
Francis Fukuyama

Seymour Martin Lipset was a colleague of mine at George Mason University, and for the years I was there we taught a course together oncomparative politics that was originally based on his book American Exceptionalism. I learned an extraordinary amount from talking to Lipset, reading his books, and listening to his lectures, and I appreciatethe opportunity to apply some of his thinking to our current situation.

Marty Lipset is, of course, a great student of liberal democracy. As thetwenty-first century unfolds, it seems unfortunately clear that liberal democracy continues to face multiple challenges. One challenge particularly apparent to Americans since the attacks of September 11 is that ofjihadist terrorism. The radical Islamist ideology motivating such terrorismis profoundly antiliberal and, when combined with the destructive possibilities of modern technology, poses a tremendous security challenge.


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