Immunitarian Democracy
Roberto Esposito


Does “community” refer to democracy? If not, could it or is it too deeply embedded in the conceptual lexicon of the Romantic, authoritarian and racist Right? This is the question, one already asked by American neo-communitarianism, that is emerging again in Europe at the precise moment when, some, especially in France and in Italy, are risking thinking community anew. At issue is not only a legitimate question, but in some ways even an inevitable one, in which democractic culture deeply examines its own theoretical precepts and future. This doesn’t change the fact though that it’s the wrong question or that it’s badly put. Wrong or badly put because it takes as its term of comparison — in order to be related to the category of community - a concept, that of democracy that is utterly incapable of “understanding” it, not only because its modern meaning at least, arrives much later, but also because it is flatter and increasingly overwhelmed in a dimension that is entirely political and institutional.


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