comunità delle comunità

Nome: Colectivo Situaciones
Descrizione: Colectivo de investigación militante – Buenos Aires (Argentina)
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Nome: Comunismo e Comunità
Descrizione: Comunismo e Comunità è un quadrimestrale di Politica e Filosofia. Direttore Responsabile: Maria Ricci. Comitato di Redazione: Matteo Brumini, Antonio Catalano, Riccardo Di Vito, Lorenzo Dorato,
Maurizio Neri, Costanzo Preve. Editore: Maurizio Neri
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Nome: Irational
Descrizione: Is an international system for deploying “irational” information, services and products for the displaced and roaming. IRATIONAL.ORG supports independent artists and organisations that need to maintain mission critical information systems. These ‘Irationalists’ create work that pushes the boundaries between the corporate reales of business, art and engineering. Core Irationalists number 6 at present and we are currently in the process of consolidating our system structure to become more effective and self-sustaining as a network. We are building a software intensive online toolkit that is fast, cheap and adaptable to users needs. We aim to provide our resources to a wider public.
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