/ Paul Lafargue

El comunisme i els serveis públics
Paul Lafargue

En aquest moment hom prova de fabricar un comunisme per l’ús dels burgesos: és ben modest; s’acontenta amb la transformació de certes indústries en serveis públics; per damunt de tot és poc compromès; al contrari, aplegarà un bon nombre de burgesos. +

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The Woman Question (1904)
Paul Lafargue

The bourgeois has thought and still thinks that woman ought to remain at home and devote her activity to supervising and directing the housekeeping, caring for her husband, and manufacturing and nourishing children. Even Xenophon, at the time when the bourgeoisie was newly born and was taking its shape in ancient society, traced the main outlines of this ideal of woman. But if through the course of centuries, this ideal may have appeared reasonable, because it corresponded to economic conditions which prevailed, it is no longer anything more than an ideological survival, since these conditions have ceased to exist. +

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