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This application is a digital guide to the 151 works and projects included in the “contexts” section of the exhibition of Catalan and Balearic Island architecture officially programmed in the Eventi Collaterali of the Venice Biennal 2012.

The complete exhibition, entitled “Architectural Rowers: Catalan & Balearic Threads: Hard Materiality for a Permeable Architecture”, is based on 9 works, 20 precedents and 151 contextual references that assert a way of thinking about and creating architecture that is attentive to tradition, to the meaning of the trade, to local surroundings and the need to connect to the contemporary local and international discourse and which is also, with the thread of the “architectures for living”, permanent and characteristic of Mediterranean culture.

This app has been developed by Col.legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya together with ADI Intelligent Guides

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"Qui avança creant quelcom nou, ho fa com un vogador, avançant endavant, però remant d'esquena, mirant enrere cap al passat, cap a allò existent , per poder reinventar les seves claus".


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